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Service Usage



LIST gives a list of channels matching the pattern, modified by the other options.

Syntax: LIST <pattern> [options]

Options are:

  • -min <n>: show only channels with at least \<n> users
  • -max <n>: show only channels with at most \<n> users
  • -skip <n>: skip first \<n> matches
  • -show [m][t]: show modes/topicsetter
  • -mode <+|-|=><modes>: modes set/unset/equal
  • -topic <pattern>: topic matches pattern

Services Operator only options are:

  • -showsecret: show secret channels (requires chan:auspex)

The pattern can contain * and ? wildcards. The pattern has to match the full channel name or a full topic, depending on where it is used; the wildcards are important. The pattern is also automatically surrounded by * wildcards if

  • a channel name pattern does not start with a wildcard or a #, or
  • a topic pattern contains no * wildcards.

For example, for channel names, from most to least specific:

  • ?bar - any character followed by "bar" with no other characters
  • #bar* - anything starting with "#bar"
  • ##*bar* - anything starting with ## and containing "bar"
  • *cows*moo* - anything containing "cows", 0 or more characters, and "moo"
  • *bar* - anything containing "bar" (equivalent to "bar")


    /msg ALIS LIST searchterm
/msg ALIS LIST * -topic multiple*ordered*search*terms
/msg ALIS LIST * -min 50
/msg ALIS LIST #foo*
/msg ALIS LIST #foo* -mode =n
/msg ALIS LIST *freetopic* -mode -t -show mt
/msg ALIS LIST ##nocolors* -mode +c -show t