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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will you implement SQL support?

No, there are many impracticalities with SQL support, such as:

  • the inability to properly validate data being inserted back into the database

  • cache invalidation (caching would be needed to ensure performance)

The only gain would be easier web integration, but you can do that with XMLRPC and authentication modules anyway.

Plus, we strongly believe you should know how your services are working, so why would we do all the work for you?

2. Which crypto module should I use?

crypto/argon2d or crypto/pbkdf2v2 (see SASL-SCRAM-SHA to decide which one).

3. There is an Atheme "0day exploit"?!&%&%@!!

Report it to us. Do not twitter about it, that is generally not helpful. People who publicize 0days before they can be fixed are also generally known as "assholes."

4. I get a compile error about some .po file thing.

./configure --disable-nls or install gettext and rerun ./configure.

5. Atheme exits complaining that it is 'tainted'.

You have configured your network in a way that is not supported correctly by Atheme at this time. In order to use this configuration, you must acknowledge that you are using an unsupported configuration.

To do this, you enable the allow_taint directive in the config, but do note that if you come asking us for help with your installation, we will not provide you with support.

Also note that we do not provide support for enabling allow_taint.