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Setting up UserServ

As mentioned on the NickServ page, Atheme can be configured to allow nickname ownership or to be solely account based. If you choose to disallow nickname ownership (so anyone can use any not-in-use nickname) and only use accounts, you may wish to adjust your nickserv{} block in the following ways:

nickserv {

nick = "UserServ";
user = "UserServ";
host = "";
real = "User Services";

aliases {
"ID" = "LOGIN";

As with normal NickServ, the exact nick!user@host settings are up to personal preference, but these basic changes may make your userbase the most comfortable with your services configuration.

For additional configuration options, loop back to the NickServ page, keeping in mind some nickname-specific options (such as the enforcement family of configuration options) will not apply to your setup.