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Setting up ProxyScan & DNSBLs

Proxyscan provides DNS blacklist scanning for proxies.

Proxyscan Block

The proxyscan{} block contains settings specific to the Proxyscan service bot and DNSBLs.

A fully configured proxyscan{} block may look like:

proxyscan {
nick = "proxyscan";
user = "Proxyscan";
host = "";
real = "Proxyscan Service";

blacklists {

dnsbl_action = kline;

Services Bot Options

Proxyscan supports all standard services bot options.


This configuration section is a list of DNS blacklists to use when scanning connecting hosts. It takes a list of domains where each domain is one blacklist to use.


blacklists {


This field sets what action for Atheme to perform when a connecting host matches one of the blacklists. The options are:

  • NONE: Do nothing
  • NOTIFY: Notify the user that they are listed in a blacklist, and which blacklist they are listed in
  • SNOOP: Report the user to the logchannel or services channel
  • KLINE: AKILL the user from the network (default AKILL is 24 hours)

Example: dnsbl_action = kline;


Proxyscan has two available modules, you will want to load both modules if you wish to use the Proxyscan service.

modules/proxyscan/mainCore components
modules/proxyscan/dnsblDNSBL scanning