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Setting up MemoServ

MemoServ provides essential network management tools for IRC operators on the IRC network.

MemoServ Block

The memoserv{} block contains settings specific to the MemoServ service bot.

A fully configured memoserv{} block may look like:

memoserv {
nick = "MemoServ";
user = "MemoServ";
host = "";
real = "Memo Services";
maxmemos = 30;

Services Bot Options

MemoServ supports all standard services bot options.


This value sets the maximum amount of memos a user can have in their inbox.

Example: maxmemos = 30;


In addition to loading the MemoServ service bot itself, these modules configure what SASL mechanisms your network will support.

modules/memoserv/mainCore components
modules/memoserv/helpHELP command
modules/memoserv/sendSEND command
modules/memoserv/sendopsSend a memo to channel operators (SENDOPS command)
modules/memoserv/sendgroupSend a memo to a group (SENDGROUP command)
modules/memoserv/listLIST command
modules/memoserv/readREAD command
modules/memoserv/forwardFORWARD command
modules/memoserv/deleteDELETE command
modules/memoserv/ignoreIGNORE command