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Configuring Atheme Services


Atheme contains nearly all of its functionality throughout various modules and can be configured to load exactly as much or as little as you choose for your network. Although many modules have no additional configuration requirements and will work out of the box, many components of Atheme Services do require additional configuration. The following sections detail each component of Atheme Services, along with the available modules and configuration options for each component.

Although many modules are optional, some components, such as the protocol, database, and crypto modules are required for any Atheme functionality.


Within the atheme.conf configuration file:

  • All statements end in semi-colons (';').
  • Shell style (#), C style (/* */), and C++ style (//)comments may be used.
  • To load a module, use loadmodule "path/to/module";
  • A configuration block will be formatted:
    blockname {
    option = "value";