Setting up HostServ

HostServ provides advanced virtual hostname (vhost) management.

HostServ Block

The hostserv{} block contains settings specific to the HostServ service bot.

A fully configured hostserv{} block may look like:

hostserv {
nick = "HostServ";
user = "HostServ";
host = "";
real = "Host Management Services";
aliases {

Services Bot Options

HostServ supports all standard services bot options.


This group will receive memos when a user requests a new vhost.


This value sets whether the request system works per nick or per account. The recommended setting is to leave this disabled, so that vhosts work as consistently as possible.


In addition to loading the HostServ service bot itself, these modules configure what SASL mechanisms your network will support.

modules/hostserv/mainCore components
modules/hostserv/helpHELP command
modules/hostserv/offerOFFER system
modules/hostserv/onoffON and OFF commands
modules/hostserv/requestREQUEST system
modules/hostserv/vhostVHOST and LISTVHOST commands
modules/hostserv/vhostnickVHOSTNICK command
modules/hostserv/groupGROUP command
modules/hostserv/dropDROP command