Setting up HelpServ

HelpServ provides a number of different ways for users to request help from and reach out to network staff.

HelpServ Block

The helpserv{} block contains settings specific to the HelpServ service bot.

A fully configured helpserv{} block may look like:

botserv {
nick = "HelpServ";
user = "HelpServ";
host = "";
real = "Help Services";

Services Bot Options

HelpServ supports all standard services bot options.


By loading or choosing not to load specific modules, you can customize what features your HelpServ instance offers. You can even disable HelpServ entirely if you choose to load none of these modules.

modules/helpserv/mainCore components
modules/helpserv/helpmeHELPME command
modules/helpserv/ticketHelp Ticket system
modules/helpserv/servicesService List (SERVICES command)