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Setting up GroupServ

GroupServ provides features for managing a collection of channels at once.

GroupServ Block

The groupserv{} block contains settings specific to the GroupServ service bot.

A fully configured groupserv{} block may look like:

groupserv {
nick = "GroupServ";
user = "GroupServ";
host = "";
real = "Host Management Services";
aliases {

Services Bot Options

GroupServ supports all standard services bot options.


This value sets the maximum number of groups one user can be the founder of.

Example: maxgroups = 5;


This value is the maximum number of access entries you may have in a group.

Example: maxgroupacs = 100;


Setting this option will allow any group founder to mark their group as "open", where anyone can join the group.

Example: enable_open_groups;


This is the GroupServ flagset that users who JOIN an open group will get upon join. Please review the GroupServ flags matrix before changing this option.

Valid flagsets (for example) would be +v or +cv; it is not valid to use minus flags (such as -v) here.


  • Default: join_flags = "+";
  • Extra: join_flags = "+cv";


In addition to loading the GroupServ service bot itself, you can configure specific features of lack thereof by chosing which modules to load.

modules/groupserv/mainCore components
modules/groupserv/acsnolimitACSNOLIMIT command
modules/groupserv/dropDROP command
modules/groupserv/fflagsFFLAGS command
modules/groupserv/flagsFLAGS command
modules/groupserv/helpHELP command
modules/groupserv/infoINFO command
modules/groupserv/joinJOIN command
modules/groupserv/listLIST command
modules/groupserv/listchansLISTCHANS command
modules/groupserv/registerREGISTER command
modules/groupserv/regnolimitREGNOLIMIT command
modules/groupserv/inviteINVITE command
modules/groupserv/setSET command
modules/groupserv/set_channelSET CHANNEL command
modules/groupserv/set_descriptionSET DESCRIPTION command
modules/groupserv/set_emailSET EMAIL command
modules/groupserv/set_groupnameSET GROUPNAME command
modules/groupserv/set_joinflagsSET JOINFLAGS command
modules/groupserv/set_openSET OPEN command
modules/groupserv/set_publicSET PUBLIC command
modules/groupserv/set_urlSET URL command