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General Settings for Atheme


The general{} block defines additional general settings for your Atheme Services instance.


I don't really know what this does.


This defines your network help channel. If defined, it is shown to users when they request help for a command which does not exist.

Example: helpchan = "#help";


This defines a webpage for services help. If defined, it is also shown to users when they request help for a command which does not exist.

Example: helpurl = "";


Enabling this will prevent Atheme from sending WALLOPS/GLOBOPS, which it may do at times when it notices a network-wide issue. Uncommenting this is not recommended.

Example (Disabled): #silent;


Enabling this will cause Atheme to send additional information about events that are occuring, in particular AKILLs. Warning: this may result in a large amount of WALLOPS/GLOBOPS.

Example (Disabled): #verbose_wallops;


This value defines if ChanServ should be allowed to join registered channels.

Enabling this value is generally recommended as it is needed for the following scenarios:

  • You wish to allow the use of fantasy commands (e.g. !op) in a channel.
  • You are using an ircu-family IRCd (Asuka, snircd, Nefarious), in which case you will need to leave this enabled and put guard in your default cflags.
  • You are using a ratbox-family IRCd (ratbox, charybdis, ircd-seven), in which case you may want to leave this option enabled and put guard in your default cflags so ChanServ does not need to join/part channels in order to do some actions.

Regardless of this setting, ChanServ will temporarily join channels that would be empty if needed to enforce AKICK/RESTRICTED/CLOSE settings, or to change the channel timestamp if changets is enabled.

Example (Enabled): join_chans;


This value defines if ChanServ should leave channels after everyone else has left. Turning this off serves little purpose, except to keep empty channels open and to maintain the channel topic and ban/quiet/exempt/invite exempt lists (+beI, etc.)

Example (Enabled): leave_chans;


Enabling secure requires the use of /msg <service>@<services host>, instead of just /msg <service>. This may help protect against spoofers in a situation where Atheme is disconnected and your network does not have services' nicknames disabled (Via RESV, a Q-Line, etc.), however this is disabled by default as most networks do not use this functionality and it may be confusing to your users or cause difficulties with pre-existing IRC bots and client scripts.

Example (Disabled): #secure;


uflags are the default settings to apply to new user accounts upon registration. Each flag corresponds to a specific NickServ module which is required for the setting to go into effect.

holdOverrides default nickname expirymodules/nickserv/hold
neveropPrevents the user from being added to access lists.modules/nickserv/set_neverop
noopPrevents services from setting modes upon the user automatically.modules/nickserv/set_noop
hidemailHides the user's e-mail address.modules/nickserv/set_hidemail
nomemoDisables the ability to receive memos.modules/nickserv/set_nomemo
emailmemosForwards incoming memos to the user's e-mail address.modules/nickserv/set_emailmemos
enforceEnables or disables automatic protection of a nickname.modules/nickserv/set_enforce
privmsgUses private messages instead of notices if enabled.modules/nickserv/set_privmsg
privateHides information about the user from other users.modules/nickserv/set_private
quietchgAllows the user to opt-out of channel change messages.modules/nickserv/set_quietchg
noneNo default flagsN/A

These flags are only set for new accounts, any existing accounts will retain their current uflags and any changes to the uflags configuration value will only go into effect on accounts registered after the change.

Example: uflags = { hidemail; };


cflags are the default settings to apply for newly registered channels.

Each flag corresponds to a specific ChanServ module which is required for the setting to go into effect.

holdOverrides default channel expirymodules/chanserv/hold
securePrevents unauthorized users from gaining operator status.modules/chanserv/set_secure
verboseNotifies channel about access list modifications.modules/chanserv/set_verbose
verbose_opsNotifies channel operators about access list modifications.modules/chanserv/set_verbose
keeptopicEnables topic retention if the channel is at any time empty.modules/chanserv/set_keeptopic
topiclockRestricts who can change the topic.modules/chanserv/set_topiclock
guardSets whether or not ChanServ will inhabit the channel.modules/chanserv/set_guard
privateHides information about a channel.modules/chanserv/set_private
nosyncDisables automatic channel ACL syncing.modules/chanserv/set_nosync
limitflagsLimits the power of the +f flag.modules/chanserv/set_limitflags
pubaclAllows the channel ACL to be public.modules/chanserv/set_pubacl
noneNo default flags.N/A

These flags only apply for new channels, existing channel settings will not be changed, and adjustments made to the cflags setting will only apply to channels registered after the changes were applied.

Example: cflags = { verbose; guard; };


Enabling this value allows authorized services operators to use the OperServ/RAW and OperServ/INJECT commands. These commands are for debugging, enabling this functionality will TAINT your Atheme instance.

Use of these commands may damage your IRC network and are not supported.

flood_msgs, flood_time

Enable these options if you wish for your Atheme instance to detect floods. If Atheme receives flood_msgs within flood_time from a user, the user will trigger Atheme's flood protection.

You may set flood_msgs to 0 to disable flood protection.


flood_msgs = 7;
flood_time = 10;

ratelimit_uses, ratelimit_period

These commands can be used to apply ratelimiting to the following commands:

  • helpserv/helpme
  • helpserv/ticket
  • hostserv/request
  • nickserv/register
  • chanserv/register

After a command is used ratelimit_uses times within ratelimit_period length of time, users will be unable to run that ratelimited command until the period is up.

Commenting out ratelimit_users, ratelimit_period or both will disable this functionality.


ratelimit_uses = 5;
ratelimit_period = 60;


This value defines the number of days after a user has changed their vHost via HostServ/TAKE or HostServ/REQUEST before they can use either command again. This functionality may be useful to deter rabit host-swappers and people swapping vHosts frequently to evade bans.

You may comment out or remove this line to disable this functionality.

Example: vhost_change = 30;


This sets the default expiration time for KLINEs set by Atheme, in days. Setting this value to 0 makes all KLINEs permanent.

Example: kline_time = 7;


Enabling this value results in Atheme's automatic KLINEs being set for user@host, instead of *@host. This applies to all automatic KLINEs set by Atheme.

Example (Disabled): #kline_with_ident;


Similar to kline_with_ident, except this setting will KLINE *@host for any unverified ident, and will KLINE user@host for verified idents.

Example (Disabled): #kline_verified_ident;