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Choosing Your Database Backend

An important component of Atheme Services to ensure you have loaded is the database module. This module handles management for all data, such as user and channel registration information, which is to remain available throughout Atheme restarts.

Atheme currently supports two varieties of text-based flatfile databases. The first, OpenSEX, is the recommended option for all new networks. The other, flatfile was the previous default Atheme database format and, although available for compatibility purposes, is not recommended. You must choose one of these modules.

  • modules/backend/opensex
  • modules/backend/flatfile

Existing Atheme users who are currently using the flatfile option may upgrade to OpenSEX at any time, simply by updating the configuration to use OpenSEX instead. Atheme will automatically upgrade your database on module load.

The database modules require no additional configuration options, other than specifying which module to use. As such, a fully configured database section will look like:

loadmodule "modules/backend/opensex";