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Setting up BotServ

BotServ provides virtual channel bots these bots are essentially vanity names for ChanServ.

BotServ Block

The botserv{} block contains settings specific to the BotServ service bot.

A fully configured botserv{} block may look like:

botserv {
nick = "BotServ";
user = "BotServ";
host = "";
real = "Bot Services";
min_users = 0;

Services Bot Options

BotServ supports all standard services bot options.


The minimum number of users a channel must have before a Bot is allowed to be assigned to that channel.

Example: min_users = 0;


By loading or choosing not to load specific modules, you can customize what features your BotServ instance offers. You can even disable BotServ entirely if you choose to load none of these modules.

modules/botserv/mainCore components
modules/botserv/helpHELP command
modules/botserv/infoINFO command
modules/botserv/bottalkNPC commands (SAY, ACT)
modules/botserv/set_fantasySET FANTASY command
modules/botserv/set_nobotSET NOBOT command
modules/botserv/set_privateSET PRIVATE command
modules/botserv/set_saycallerSET SAYCALLER command