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Setting up ALIS

ALIS provides essential network management tools for IRC operators on the IRC network.

ALIS Block

The alis{} block contains settings specific to the ALIS service bot.

A fully configured alis{} block may look like:

alis {
nick = "ALIS";
user = "ALIS";
host = "";
real = "Channel Directory";
maxmatches = 128;

Services Bot Options

ALIS supports all standard services bot options.


The default maximum number of channels returned in a query.

The chan:auspex privilege is required to ask for more.

  • Minimum: 8
  • Maximum: 128
  • Default: 64

Example: maxmatches = 64;


ALIS is entirely contained within the modules/alis/main module. By loading this module, you will enable ALIS and all available ALIS commands.