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Atheme 7.2.11 Release

· One min read

Atheme v7.2.11 has been released, source can be obtained from GitHub under the v7.2.11 tag or can be directly downloaded here (SHA256: f6b346a4328778f8236f492fa23fdc96cd2acebad4cfd30d6d7b04c583b49b32).

Note: The 7.2 branch is only going to receive security fixes now. For new features, please consider upgrading to 7.3; see its file first.

Changes since v7.2.10:

  • Support building contrib modules on most non-Linux Operating Systems
  • Add a preliminary Turkish translation
  • Add HMAC-MD5 verify-only support to crypto/pbkdf2v2
  • atheme.conf.example: document needoper not being inherited
  • modules/chanserv/akick: fix unload crash with akicks that have timeouts
  • modules/nickserv/register: check e-mail address validity earlier in the process
  • modules/nickserv/multimark: use IRC case canonicalisation for restored nicks
  • modules/nickserv/multimark: forbid unloading due to the potential for data loss
  • CA_ constants: include CA_EXEMPT (+e) where appropriate
  • libathemecore/conf.c: fix minor memory leak with hide_xop

For any questions, concerns or comments feel free to visit us on IRC at #atheme.