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Atheme 7.2.10-r2 Release

· One min read

Atheme v7.2.10-r2 has been released, source can be obtained from GitHub under the v7.2.10-r2 tag or can be directly downloaded here (SHA256: cceceb285283509c9f6dcb20eeb9b816db373a81b55fe49bc11a774b501d687d).

Note: 7.2.10 is likely to be the last v7.2 release, unless a bug is discovered which requires fixing.

Changes since v7.2.9:

  • Bugfixes and better logic in verify_password()
  • Fix potential NULL dereference in modules/crypto/posix
  • Backport some modules/crypto/pbkdf2v2 improvements from master
  • Backport modules/crypto/argon2d from master
  • Backport Base-64 codec from master
  • Backport some build/configuration system improvements from master
  • Bump E-Mail address maximum length to 254 characters
  • Use flags setter information in modules/chanserv/access & modules/chanserv/flags
  • Fix issue where modules/misc/httpd wasn't closing its listening socket on deinit
  • Fix GroupServ data loss issue when a group was the founder of another group

For any questions, concerns or comments feel free to visit us on IRC at #atheme.